Carolina Trail Blazers
                    4WD Club, INC  
            Celebrating Family 4wd Fun Since 1971
The CTB quarterly board meeting will take place at 5pm, at Sagebrush Steakhouse in Mocksville NC.
        Located off I-40 exit 170 on the south side of the interstate.
​Dates are as follows; FEB 19TH,  MAY 7TH, AUGUST 20th & NOVEMBER 19th.
            All members are welcome and encouraged to attend, hope to see you all there.

Members in Attendance: Ben Covington, Casey Covington, Robbie Mozeley, David Jones, James Belcher (and AJ) 

  Ride Recap: It was a small turnout but a great trip none the less for the August club ride at Adventure Off Road Park. Every one arrived later Friday except for new member David Jones who had arrived earlier and was able to get some riding in on Friday. Set up, dinner and campfire talk happened as it should, the forecasted heavy rains proved to only be a few showers and everyone got up Saturday to a wet but Sunny and warm day. We headed out for the trails around 10:00 after being warned that they were very slick from all the previous rain. We ventured up trail 1 starting up the left side of the with Ben and Casey Covington pressed in to leading for the day. We hit several moderate trails, 7,8, JW2, 30, JW4, GW Memorial, JW3 and 87 all in the morning before lunch. I think everyone except Robbie Mozeley had to winch some. I know I assaulted one section 2 different times with multiple attempts and heavy throttle to no avail that Mr. Mozeley drove right up. David Jones pushed his JKL Rubi very hard and Casey pushed the Samurai to its limit but as slick as it was we all had time on the cable. After lunch Casey, Ben , Robbie and I headed back out and David left to go meet his wife, we rode 41, stopping a minute to look at "Skinny pedal" and then on to the top of 28. There immediately after I had just bragged on how well Casey's carb was performing it started to give trouble. We tried troubleshooting it for a while but it turns out it only needed some "de-bugging". A shot or two of insect repellant and the Samurai cranked back up and ran fine back down trail 3 over to 1 and then to the camping area. Another great day trail riding capped off by a fine supper and more campfire talk. By the way welcome David Jones and family to the Carolina Trail Blazers. James Belcher, CTB Treasurer 2017